Establishment of a company

Production area: 390 m²

4 employees


CE-certification for:

  • EI230-C doors
  • Evacuation exits
  • S200 smoke protection doors

Purchase of profile bending machine

production area: 390 m² + 150 m²

6 employes


UA-certification for:

  • Interior doors E30, EI30, EI60
  • Interior escape route doors
  • Interior smoke protection doors

Production area: 540 m² + 130 m²

8 employees


Moving to new premises

Purchase of new machinery (CNC, Saw)

Production area: 1360 m²

10 employees


Alufee d.o.o. is a Slovenian company founded in 2018 with the aim of offering high quality and affordable ALU joinery for the EU market.

We specialized in fire-resistant elements for which we obtained CE and UA certificates.

Due to increased customer needs, we have had the desire to expand and upgrade production. We moved to new premises and invested in the purchase of new, more powerful machines. With this, we increased production capacity and upgraded the quality of our products.

We are distinguished by the top quality of ALU joinery, which we achieve with professionally trained staff, teamwork and responsibility.

Production of ALU elements

Fireproof and smokeproof ALU elements

Bending of ALU profiles

Production of ALU joinery

Fireproof and smokeproof ALU elements

Bending of ALU profiles



Wind load resistance

Burglar resistance


We want to strengthen our current position on the domestic and international market and thus become the most reliable business partner in the industry.

The company’s goals are to constantly improve product quality, business stability, obtain reference recommendations from business partners, and strengthen visibility both at home and abroad. We will continue to strive to identify the needs of our customers and strive for long-term and successful cooperation with business partners.


Emergency fire escape

Interior fire elements

ALU glass roof

Irregular shapes ALU portal